How To Quickly Relive Red Eyes? What is Optivar Eye Drops used for?

optivar eye drops

If you were interested what is optivar eye drops – we have an answer. Working at your computer all day, chatting with gadgets, or reading before bed? Even one of these habits can cause eye fatigue and inflammation.

There are different ways to relieve red eyes at home. If red eyes are caused by the rhythm of your life, the solution lies in changing your habits!

If you lack vitamins – reconsider your diet and supplement it with healthy foods.

If you suffer from visual stress – do eye exercises and use cool compresses.

If you are sleep-deprived, work on your daily routine and go to bed earlier.

If your eyes are dry, use moisturizing drops that mimic a human tear.

Eye drops that help relieve redness

Eye drops are an indispensable helper for red eyes. There are several types of such drops:

Vasoconstrictors. They relieve swelling of the eyes. Should only be used once or twice a week. If used frequently may cause increase in intraocular pressure and damage to the structure of the eye.

Antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs. Used as prescribed by a doctor when red eyes are the cause of allergies. Reduces redness, itching, and tearing.

Antibacterial. Come to the rescue when red eyes are caused by an infection.

Antiviral. Appointed by a doctor for acute respiratory infections, influenza and herpes virus.

Moisturizing drops. The most popular drops. They can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of red eyes. It is allowed to use moisturizing solution daily.

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