Combination Aids Depression

Depression is a pressing problem, and the number of visits to doctors is growing every year. It can be solved by seeing a psychotherapist and taking antidepressants. These are drugs that regulate the production of hormones and biochemical processes in the body. Prescribing them to yourself is strictly prohibited, because it is a complex medication with certain restrictions, side effects. The doctor must authorize their prescription and monitor the reception. We will tell you about Combination Aids Depression.

What is meant by depression

Doctors have been familiar with it since the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. Hippocrates described it as melancholy – a condition that is accompanied by anxiety, dejection, insomnia, refusal to eat, irritability. Most often the cause is a child psychotrauma or strong, frequent stress in adulthood. There are many triggers: the death of a loved one, worsening of living conditions, alcoholism, and brain disease. Such cases are classified as psychogenic depression.

The second type is endogenous. The problem occurs not from major external shocks, but because of internal causes. The person is constantly dissatisfied with himself, subjecting himself to criticism. Many patients have panic attacks, are haunted by feelings of fear, anxiety.

How is the treatment of depression

The treatment of depression was held in different ways. In the ancient world – vomiting and laxatives. The Renaissance used wine and sunbathing. The Age of Enlightenment treated it with external stimuli, such as insects. The 19th century brought new recipes – in particular, a solution of camphor in tartaric acid. Treatment also included taking remedies that are no longer allowed for sale, and some are now recognized as narcotic.

Apparently, all these remedies had no effect on increasing the amount of serotonin. And the treatment consists precisely in normalizing its production. This was done after the creation of modern antidepressants that have minimal side effects, are safe for the body and do not cause addiction. These are drugs, the action of which is aimed precisely at equalizing the imbalance of neurotransmitters: serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine.


If a healthy person drinks antidepressants, there will be no effect. For a patient with depression, taking them will help:

  • improve the psychological state;
  • get rid of irritability;
  • get rid of panic anxiety;
  • increase thinking and physical activity;
  • overcome a depressive mood.

Psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants for chronic back, headaches. And also in irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence and other cases where the body stops producing its own painkillers. Taking medication helps to restore the mechanisms of pain suppression. You should only take these remedies with a doctor’s prescription, since many of them are strong stimulants. Self-prescription can be expensive – the condition can worsen. 

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