Breakthrough in Food Allergy Research

One of the hot issues in modern medicine is the topic of food intolerance. The scale of its prevalence is staggering! And all is due to the fact that in recent years the quality of the food we eat has sharply deteriorated. It is estimated that a person during his lifetime, on average, eats about a hundred tons of food. Our food is saturated with a lot of stabilizers, dyes, antibiotics, pesticides, taste and odor enhancers. And that’s not the whole list. Under such conditions, it is not surprising that about 80 percent of the world’s population, without even knowing it, is subject to such a condition as food intolerance. This figure is constantly growing, becoming an epidemic in nature. In this article we will talk about Breakthrough in Food Allergy Research. But, don’t forget do do some sports to avoid health problems. MMA, boxing and bjj are good options to keep yourself healthy. So, go to the gym, take cheap bjj rash guards and do exercising.

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is a person’s negative reaction to food intake in the form of various allergic symptoms resulting from his inability to assimilate a certain kind of food or its components. The mechanism of development of this condition differs from true allergy and is not accompanied by an increase in IgE production, so the treatment tactics for these patients are different.

Until recently, doctors have not considered intolerance to certain food components to be a factor in chronic diseases. However, not all constituents are broken down to the size of molecules, as previously thought. Most often, the undigested proteins pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, where they cause production of class G immunoglobulins, which in turn stimulate the release of bioactive substances and inflammatory mediators and lead to organ and tissue imbalances.

Any factors that interfere with digestion can trigger a mechanism for developing food intolerance. Food intolerance is much more common in people with a hereditary predisposition to food allergies. Skin problems, headaches, overweight and digestive system disorders are the main signs of immunological food intolerance. 

How to find the enemy on the plate?

Diagnosing food intolerance is a difficult, but doable task, thanks to a German test system called ImuPro. It is a breakthrough in the laboratory industry of medicine. ImuPro is a modern method of detection of IgG1-IgG4 class antibodies in the blood serum of the examinee to more than 270 food additives and products. With the help of this research it became possible to create a personal nutrition map, eliminate undesirable products and make your life much more comfortable and qualitative.

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